About Us

Here at Greenetics we try our best to source plants not commonly found in Canada. We personally know the struggle of being a collector in a rural town with no other local hobbyists to trade cuttings with, no plant sales, and no exotic tropical plant shops. We hope to fill a few of those gaps and help your collections grow so that you can eventually spread cuttings (and joy) throughout your local communities.

 Our goal is to try and bring down the cost of the houseplant hobby in Canada, because we don't think it's fair that such a wonderful and simple addition to life should cost an exuberant amount of money.

Houseplants reduce stress, teach us patience, and reward our hard work and consistency with growth. They are some of the best teachers we could ask for. Considering the huge variety of tough and tolerant plants collected by enthusiasts for hundreds of years, there's no reason for us Canadians to be paying 10x as much as our neighbours to the south for some trendy houseplants. 

We ship Canada-wide via Canada Post Xpress, which means we can ship anywhere that Canada Post reaches. Currently we are only shipping during summer months (May-August). Unfortunately, we can't offer an alive arrival guarantee at this time, however please contact us if you experience any issues with your order and we'd be happy to offer you a discount on a replacement.
If you live in the lower mainland BC, or the GTA  (haworthia spp. only) and would like to purchase a plant for local pickup in Burnaby or Toronto (haworthia spp. only) please contact us at greeneticscanada@gmail.com to make arrangements! 
All of our listed prices are final (only shipping will be added during checkout). 
Plants are shipped bare root to minimize shipping costs due to soil weight. 
Some of our plants are sourced from local growers in the Fraser Valley here in British Columbia, however many are also imported from family growers and nurseries in Thailand and Taiwan. All imported plants come to us with phytosanitary certificates and having passed Canadian Customs inspections.