Shipping Info

Where do you ship?
We ship Canada-wide via Canada Post Xpress Post. 
How long does shipping take? 
We ship plants on Monday each week so that your plants spend as little time in transit as possible. Plants should arrive within 2-4 days, so by Friday of the same week we shipped them. You will receive a tracking number when you place your order so that you can follow your order live. 
How much is shipping? 

The ONLY factor that will determine your shipping cost is your cart total! No surprises.

The best part? WE offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $300!! 

So get your friends, family, and local cutting swap groups together because big orders mean big savings!

Shipping costs are outlined below. 

$0-30 = $12

$31-100 = $18

$101-150 = $28

$151-300 = $46

$301+ = FREE




How do you ship your plants? 
Our tropical plants are shipped bare-root wrapped in moist paper towel and plastic wrap, with the leaves protected in paper. Succulents are also bare root but shipped dry. They are then placed in a firm cardboard box for shipping. On request we can ship plants in Styrofoam boxes for customers in colder climates. 
What will my plants look like when I get them?
Your plants will typically have at least 2 leaves (for larger-leaf varieties) or several stems (fine-leaf species such as Dischidia). Plants will have several roots minimum, however many have larger full root systems. Succulents will have fewer roots than tropicals but all specimens will have at least one thick, healthy root. Roots will be rinsed free of soil, so soaking and/or potting is recommended quickly upon delivery. For tropicals, we recommend a 5 minute soak followed by potting in a light soil mixed 1:1 with sphagnum, coconut fibre, or orchid bark. Succulents should use a gritty, well drained mixture of clay, pumice or lava rock.
Will all my plants be shipped together?
Depending on what you order, you may receive your order in more than one shipment.  Tropicals and succulents are shipped in different conditions and will arrive in different packages.  This is handled behind the scenes and does not affect the checkout process.
Damage to leaves during shipping (bruising, etc) is normal and will usually not negatively impact the plant overall. If a plant looks bad when you receive it, please don't hesitate to email us a photo right away at and we'd be happy to guide you through a recovery process or offer you a discount on a replacement.